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Michael A. Coller

Private Investigator

7 Signs of Lying CD
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About Michael A. Coller...

  • owner of MAC INVESTIGATIONS in Saugus

  • Licensed by the Massachusetts State Police as a  Private Investigator

  • On Saugus Library's Board of Trustees

  • Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

  • Graduate of Bridgewater State College with a Bachelor of Science in Management

  • Born and Raised in Precinct 8

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Michael A. Coller

Precinct 8 - Town Meeting Member





7 Signs of Lying CD

7 Signs of Lying:  How to Easily detect if Someone is Lying to you,
Become a Human Lie Detector test with the help of this CD!

"People who read others well have a talent for seeing the invisible, gleaning information about us that we ourselves don't know."
-Psychology Today magazine - January 2011

Want to know the Signs of Lying? Want to know how to easily detect if Someone is lying to you?
  You won't need the expense of a
lie detector test, you simply need this CD!

Private Investigator, Michael A. Coller delivers a unique methodology in this CD, having his students "visualize" an interaction with a suspected liar prior to the event.  Similar to how elite athletes prepare for a competition and WIN,  You will surely win at detecting lies from now on! 

Benefits Include:
Improved Relationships
By creating greater communication and trust.

More Money Earned
 Employee, employer and the self-employed will benefit from the new skills learned and be more valuable to their businesses.

Give your Children the Future they Deserve!
Integrity taught at a young age will give your children more opportunities in life & kids you can always be proud of!

"The opportunity has now presented itself, embrace the moment and my twenty years experience of detecting truth and deception. It will change your life forever."  Michael A. Coller

Click Here to Order 7 Signs of Lying


"I just listened to this CD. Wow! I can not wait for the next person to try and lie to me! I AM READY!!"  -Nancy H. Connecticut

"I would recommend this CD to anyone who deals with people, especially those in management, teaching, law enforcement and also parenting. There's valuable information that can be put to immediate use." - John Caruso, owner, Gemological Evaluation & Marketing Services, Inc.
"Great CD! This honesty model works."  -Rich E.

7 Signs of Lying:  How to Easily detect if Someone is Lying to you,

Become a Human Lie Detector test with the help of this CD!